Flashback continued + Music

I had an amazing experience yesterday in my writing world. I went back to having a journal specifically for writing, that I carry around with me. I got out of the habit of it after serving a mission for my church for a year and a half. So I got the journal and ended up writing most of the flashback. While driving home from school the scene played through my head and it was so much better than I’d originally supposed. I learned something about the mother of my main character that I hadn’t known before. I also learned something about my main character’s father. I’m so grateful for this evolution.

On the music note, I was viewing the scene in my head and a song began to play. I wondered why this particular song wouldn’t get out of my head when I hadn’t listened to for a while but then the answer came. Some of the lyrics fit with the conversation that will happen after the flashback. I love inspiration.

1 day, 8 hrs, and 48 minutes to NaNoWriMo.

Good luck writers!




So I’m currently writing a scene in flashback and I’m finding it interesting to see my character’s thought process as a thirteen-year-old. Through this, I’m learning more about her and I know how she will respond to situations down the road.

What are other ways you can get to know your characters at a deeper level?

Another fun way is through role plays. My friend, Anna, and I have done a back and forth story, with a character of mine and a character of hers.

Any way that you can understand your characters better can make you a better writer.

Have a great week of prepping for NaNoWriMo to begin!



Book 2 is coming along great. I set a goal for myself to write every day and I’m pleased to say that I’ve been able to do it. Before I would say that I wanted to write every day but it didn’t work.

How is it working now?

I bought a planner since the app I used to remind myself of things I needed to do wasn’t working very well. Each day on the planner, I wrote ‘Work on Manuscript’ in the To Do List for each day. Lo and behold, I have reached a point where if I haven’t written that day, I will grab my laptop and write a few sentences in the manuscript.

This has been good because if I kept doing what I was doing before, I would not be writing, due to my busy schedule with two jobs and full-time school at the university that I attend.

If I can write something everyday, anyone can. If you want to write a novel, but don’t have a lot of time, remember, it only takes writing a little bit everyday to make something a habit.

NaNoWriMo begins in a little over a week. Good luck everyone!


I have a firm belief that all writers, especially those who write long fiction, need to have other friends who are writers. To add to that, it is best if these friends read your work and give feedback.

My writing group is great because I receive that support in my writing. One thing that has caused me to reflect on this is my friend Andrea, who is in my writing group. The two of us went on a walk yesterday and I started telling her about upcoming plans for book 2 (which the group has been reading). I told about something one character, who we will call M, did. In my explanation to her I shrugged my shoulders and said, “It’s M.” Andrea understood what I was talking about because she knows my characters.

When she said something about one of her characters, who we will call S, she said that S never starts fights. I laughed and said, “but she’ll finish them.”

It’s great to have people who know my characters like I do and how I can know theirs. For those writers who read this, find friends who write and learn to love their characters as they come to love yours.