I have a firm belief that all writers, especially those who write long fiction, need to have other friends who are writers. To add to that, it is best if these friends read your work and give feedback.

My writing group is great because I receive that support in my writing. One thing that has caused me to reflect on this is my friend Andrea, who is in my writing group. The two of us went on a walk yesterday and I started telling her about upcoming plans for book 2 (which the group has been reading). I told about something one character, who we will call M, did. In my explanation to her I shrugged my shoulders and said, “It’s M.” Andrea understood what I was talking about because she knows my characters.

When she said something about one of her characters, who we will call S, she said that S never starts fights. I laughed and said, “but she’ll finish them.”

It’s great to have people who know my characters like I do and how I can know theirs. For those writers who read this, find friends who write and learn to love their characters as they come to love yours.



One thought on “Friends

  1. Great post and you are right. It would be awesome to know people of like mind besides the month of November at Nanowrimo. Everyone is so supportive but they’re all trying to make their word count too, so it’s all very superficial.

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