Book 2 is coming along great. I set a goal for myself to write every day and I’m pleased to say that I’ve been able to do it. Before I would say that I wanted to write every day but it didn’t work.

How is it working now?

I bought a planner since the app I used to remind myself of things I needed to do wasn’t working very well. Each day on the planner, I wrote ‘Work on Manuscript’ in the To Do List for each day. Lo and behold, I have reached a point where if I haven’t written that day, I will grab my laptop and write a few sentences in the manuscript.

This has been good because if I kept doing what I was doing before, I would not be writing, due to my busy schedule with two jobs and full-time school at the university that I attend.

If I can write something everyday, anyone can. If you want to write a novel, but don’t have a lot of time, remember, it only takes writing a little bit everyday to make something a habit.

NaNoWriMo begins in a little over a week. Good luck everyone!


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