Flashback continued + Music

I had an amazing experience yesterday in my writing world. I went back to having a journal specifically for writing, that I carry around with me. I got out of the habit of it after serving a mission for my church for a year and a half. So I got the journal and ended up writing most of the flashback. While driving home from school the scene played through my head and it was so much better than I’d originally supposed. I learned something about the mother of my main character that I hadn’t known before. I also learned something about my main character’s father. I’m so grateful for this evolution.

On the music note, I was viewing the scene in my head and a song began to play. I wondered why this particular song wouldn’t get out of my head when I hadn’t listened to for a while but then the answer came. Some of the lyrics fit with the conversation that will happen after the flashback. I love inspiration.

1 day, 8 hrs, and 48 minutes to NaNoWriMo.

Good luck writers!



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