I’m going through a real struggle right now. I thought I knew where Book 2 was supposed to go but what I knew were merely scenes.

I have no climax in my head! Aah!

Maybe that’s why I’m having trouble moving forward. There’s no true direction. <facepalm>

Hopefully, I can figure something out soon.


Strange Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is the bane of a writer’s existence.

To reach a spot and not know what’s supposed to come next is a nightmare, however this block I’m getting feels worse.

I know exactly what’s supposed to happen next but every time I try and move forward there’s something stopping me. I’m only able to write a sentence or two before something blocks me.

Does anyone have a suggestion over how to overcome this?


Mind in Chaos

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted.

Any ways, I have been struggling a bit with my writing, partially because it’s the end of the semester in school, plus my head is very cluttered with stories. I’d been doing well for a while with sticking to one book but in the past week or so my brain has been filled with stories from the futuristic sci-fi Mirrors Trilogy that I’ve put to the side intermingled with my historical fantasy Enchantment Trilogy.


Too much stuff in my head that doesn’t mix!

Does anyone have suggestions for returning focus to one specific story?

At this point I can use any help I can get.