Point of View

So for the last year or more, I’ve been writing in third person limited – focusing on the thoughts of only one specific character. It’s been working really well but every so often, I’ve gotten a scene in my head where things are seen through the eyes of the main male character (since my protagonists in my current project are female). Those scenes are ones that I feel need to be in the novels because they help to bring understanding to the story. The hard part is in knowing exactly how these men will react (mentally) to the situations they are placed in. I suppose I’ll learn.


Book 1

I know it’s not in order but for the last eight months, I’ve been working on Book 2 of my Enchanting Saga trilogy, even though Book 1 hasn’t been written. It’s the story that’s been in my head so that’s what I’ve been doing.

I started role playing my Book 1 main character back at the end of December and now her story is opening up to me. I knew the main points but I didn’t know what would happen during the scenes in between the major moments. Now I know her personality, a little more about her family situation, and I know the villain better.

I have begun to write her story and already I am excited!