So I have been thinking about music a lot in relation to my books, largely because my friend Andrea told me some great songs that are good representations of specific characters. I mentioned a while back that “All I ask of You” from Phantom of Opera was a good representation of the love story in Book 2.

Here’s the song that reminds me of the relationship in Book 1.




Writer’s Block

Wow, two posts from me in one day haha. I guess that’s what happens when I’m browsing writing boards on Pinterest.  I think this quote is true. Yes, I talk about having writer’s block, but it’s really perfectionism. I admit that I’m a perfectionist and that can be a problem when writing a first draft. The goal here is to overcome that issue to move forward.
Writer's Block

Sensory Details

I’m working on a scene from the perspective of the main guy of Book 2.  I’ve revised the first bit from comments made by my awesome writing group and then took a look at the segment that comes next in the narrative (which is from my protagonist’s POV). I’m focused on having her hear things (she can’t see him) that have to do with what he did before she came into consciousness.

The  story is taking shape more and more.

I’m excited.

The Cost of Magic

So in the world I’ve created there are multiple branches of magic. I’ve come to understand how the two main branches work and what the cost of the magic is, however this is not the case for the branch of magic that my main guy in Book 2 is a part of.

My goal at this point in writing Book 2 is to figure out what he can do with his magic and come up with the cost for each thing. I’m curious to see how this ends up working.

Tragic Flaw

Just as characters have tragic flaws, so do writers. My biggest struggle, as my writing group members know, is pacing. I have a habit of rushing through certain moments that shouldn’t be rushed through.

I need to figure out how to slow down better.

We all have our own tragic flaws that we can work on. What is something that you want to work on?