Theme Songs

So I’ve been thinking a lot about theme music for my characters and kept coming up empty, until today.  I was listening to my iPod while working and one song came on and I had to start it over once it finished. I listened to it again and smiled. It is the love song for the main characters in Book 2 after they overcome a lot.

That’s 1.

Next, I was working on homework and a song kept running through my head. I thought about it for several minutes. Wow, that’s the song of the main guy to the main girl in Book 3.

That’s 2.

Lastly, I was listening to Pandora. My friend had ‘liked’ this version of Pachebel’s Canon in D on Pandora and since I wanted to listen to it I pressed the ‘Create a Station’ button. Instead of playing that particular song, it played another and (although it’s instrumental) it’s the theme song of the man character in Book 3.

That’s 3.

Wow. Who knows what more will happen. Yay for theme music!

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