Role Plays

I have learned that I love to role play with my characters. There’s so much that you can learn from your characters when you put them in a different situation. Since I currently have three going on, I’m a little obsessed I have to admit. It’s so much fun to see how my characters react to characters of my friends. The novels become better because I now know how a character would act and I learn things that I would not have learned otherwise.

So if you get the chance to role play, do it! It’s fun, free, and you learn a lot.



4 thoughts on “Role Plays

    • It’s writing and storytelling based. One of us starts with putting a character into a situation where they can meet the other person’s character. Like with Andrea’s and mine, I had Kayna see Chookery and Ruth while out on a walk with Gabrian. She goes up to talk to them and things go from there.

      • That sounds like fun. All the role playing systems I’ve played haven’t been conducive to character development. Mostly because you have to create a character that fits in the system, and combat takes forever, and it all depends on stats and dice and how clever the GM is. I’ll have to try out your kind sometime.

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