Writing Journal

So I’m currently out of state at my dad’s 30-year high school reunion.

It’s great and all, but there’s not much to do when you don’t know anyone and those who are at the reunion are either Dad’s age, or are tweens/young teens.

I had my pen in my pocket . . . but I’d left my writing journal at the hotel.

Of course the major climax of my whole Enchanting Saga came into my head. Doh!


I ran it through my head a couple hundred times before I got back. Let’s just say as soon as I opened the computer, I wrote those 500 words pretty dang fast. 🙂

I think I’ve learned my lesson.

Never go anywhere without something to write on/with.



Writing Buddies

I know I’ve talked about this before but I feel strongly that every writer needs to have writing buddies.

This past week, I’ve been dealing with some struggles (yet again) with Book 1. How do I move forward? How do I fill in the gaps leading up to the next major event?

While hanging out with my writing buddy Andrea she began asking questions.

Questions are key to helping you understand your characters, world, and story.

Thanks to my friend Julia’s questions, I figured out my magic system for the series and the romantic relationship in Book 1.

Thanks to Andrea, I figured out that I need a sub-plot.

Thanks to Darlene, I figured out the villain’s back-story.

And thanks to collective questions, I’m starting to build the world and understand it better.

So if you’re a writer and you don’t have writing buddies, you should get some. They’re the best.

Keep writing!