Great Advice from NaNo Mail

Word count is already moving :). Went on the website for Camp to update my word count to see how much I’ve written so far this morning. There was some NaNo mail waiting. When I opened and read it, this quote hit me.

“You simply cannot be thinking too much while you’re writing a first draft—in fact, that’s a great way not to write. A lot of my students hit the wall because they’re thinking too much, they want to take it really slowly and agonize over every word. A novel is going to take hard work no matter how you do it, so don’t get hung up on a single sentence at this phase, just get it out and know that you’re going to go back to it later.”

– Daniel Wallace

This quote was exactly what I needed because he’s talking about my problem. I tend to over think things but not anymore! I can do this!



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