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I know I’ve blogged about music a few times but I have to do it again because of how it’s been affecting me in the past couple days.

My story playlist on iTunes is increasingly growing, in addition to the story playlist of the songs that my friend Andrea shows me for her stories.

It’s great to find the perfect song that relates to a character, their situation, or a song that’s like them talking to another character.

For one example, last night I was role playing with my friend Darlene. She turned on a song, then read the lyrics, and asked if it could be her character’s song to my character. I read the lyrics and it fit.

Then today, I decided to see if I could find a song that related to my character’s feelings towards her character. In looking up an artist whose music often works with this character, I found a song that fit perfectly. I seriously love when that happens.

For your treat, here is one of the recent songs from my story playlist. “We Will Not Grow Old” by Lenka which describes the relationship between my two main characters in Book 3.



One thing that I am aware of is that stories are often about relationships. This isn’t just with romance novels. Literature is often about the ties that bind us to other people.

Ever since Saturday, after a great brainstorming session with my friend Andrea, I’ve had these scenes in my head for the beginning of Book 3.

That book has troubled me for quite some time because I didn’t know how to start it. Now I know and I’ve started to write it.

How this ties to relationships, my MC is a 10-year-old girl that grows up over the course of the novel and the introduction to her shows how she interacts with her parents. It’s rather cute, if I do say so myself.

How do relationships shape your own stories?


NaNo Sentences

So at writing group, when we were going over my segment, one member pointed out a few run-on, rambly sentences. I looked at/listened to them and laughed. 

Total NaNoWriMo sentences.

When you’re trying to get words in, you have to try and turn that editor off to not worry about the rambling. Now that NaNo is over for a few months, it’s time to let the editor come on every so often to deal with the rambles. 

My goal with this is to not let the editor take over completely. 

How do you balance between just writing and writing with the editor on?


Matryoshka Dolls and Character Development

This thought about layers and Matryoshka dolls made me think about my own characters and their own layers. I hope I can truly portray that well in my novels.

Throwing Up Words

by Lisa Sledge

Several years ago, my sister-in-law went to Russia. When she came back, she surprised us with one of those Russian nesting dolls. It has nine layers and looks beautiful sitting on top of the book case in our office, right where I can see it.

I had an especially frustrating writing day last Thursday. After pulling at my hair and doing a face plant on my keyboard, I saw the nesting doll. She looked so smug. As pretty as she is, all dolls kind of freak me out. It didn’t help that it was 1am. Stupid things scare me when I’m tired.

So I yanked her off her shelf and disassembled her. Take that, creepy doll.

I took her apart and put her back together at least three times. As I did, my thoughts drifted to my characters.

When I began writing, my MC had only…

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Well friends, in the aftermath of Camp NanoWriMo, every time I look at my manuscript, my brain shuts off.

So through taking the advice of a friend, I’m taking a little break from Book 1.

However, I know that I still need to write daily so what I’m going to do for a week or so is work on Book 2.

I started back with it today and it’s interesting how easily I’ve been able to slip back into this other main character.

She’s so much fun. My dear, over-dramatic thirteen-year-old character. Love writing her.

Have a great day!