Music & Updates

I know I’ve blogged about music a few times but I have to do it again because of how it’s been affecting me in the past couple days.

My story playlist on iTunes is increasingly growing, in addition to the story playlist of the songs that my friend Andrea shows me for her stories.

It’s great to find the perfect song that relates to a character, their situation, or a song that’s like them talking to another character.

For one example, last night I was role playing with my friend Darlene. She turned on a song, then read the lyrics, and asked if it could be her character’s song to my character. I read the lyrics and it fit.

Then today, I decided to see if I could find a song that related to my character’s feelings towards her character. In looking up an artist whose music often works with this character, I found a song that fit perfectly. I seriously love when that happens.

For your treat, here is one of the recent songs from my story playlist. “We Will Not Grow Old” by Lenka which describes the relationship between my two main characters in Book 3.

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