So I’ve mentioned the role play that I’ve been doing with my friend Darlene since April and the story ended today.

And . . . there’s five books worth of stuff. I’ve copied and pasted everything from our forum where we role played into Scrivener files.

It was really bittersweet to be done but at the same time we aren’t really done. We’re editing it to flow as a consistent narrative and we plan to print it for nostalgia purposes.

I’m so grateful for this role play because I’ve been able to figure out who my main character for Book 1 is beneath the surface in addition to several other characters. Current moments that I’m writing in Book 1 have come because of things I’ve learned while role playing.

I’ve also started a role play with my friend Andrea. Yay for RP! It’s the funnest!


Comic Con Revelations

So this past weekend I went to Salt Lake Comic Con. It was super fun and I learned a lot as I attended writing panels. The one that affected me most was How to Write Great Science Fiction and Fantasy in addition to a comment made by Tyler Whitesides (author of the Janitor’s series) in the panel, The Hero’s Journey.

The hard thing about this is the realization that I need to almost completely rewrite Book 2.

If you noticed the Book 2 widget in the sidebar, prior to this post, you would have seen that it was 30,000+ words. Now, it’s down to a little over a hundred.

A bit frustrating but in a way it’s good.

Book 2 will now flow more in contributing to the arc of the series as a whole.

This came due to Tyler Whitesides’ comment that each book has its own arc and that arc is really a part of one big arc for the series.

Since Book 2 didn’t contribute that much to the series arc, I realized that it needed to be fixed. It’s going to be better than it was but it’s hard to lose 30,000 words.

Time to press forward with it.


For the Fun of It

Reading this post I couldn’t help but remember my own reasons for writing. It’s all because I love it. On those days when I’m frustrated, I need to remember this. Enjoy!

Throwing Up Words

by Lisa Sledge

I have a four year-old son. He is sincere and sweet and innocent. And he’s a mama’s boy, which feeds my ego and gives me bragging rights over my husband.

More often than not, I find myself writing at night, but mornings are my most creative and best hours for working. On a good day, if the children didn’t get me up six times during the night, I’m up by 4:30am. I never know when the kids will wake. It could be 6am or they might get up at 8am. More often than not, it’s somewhere in between.

The first thing my Emmett does in the morning is come find me. When he sees me with my laptop, he says, “Mom, it’s time for me to write my story too.” We go downstairs, sit on the love seat that belonged to my grandmother, and I type as…

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