Comic Con Revelations

So this past weekend I went to Salt Lake Comic Con. It was super fun and I learned a lot as I attended writing panels. The one that affected me most was How to Write Great Science Fiction and Fantasy in addition to a comment made by Tyler Whitesides (author of the Janitor’s series) in the panel, The Hero’s Journey.

The hard thing about this is the realization that I need to almost completely rewrite Book 2.

If you noticed the Book 2 widget in the sidebar, prior to this post, you would have seen that it was 30,000+ words. Now, it’s down to a little over a hundred.

A bit frustrating but in a way it’s good.

Book 2 will now flow more in contributing to the arc of the series as a whole.

This came due to Tyler Whitesides’ comment that each book has its own arc and that arc is really a part of one big arc for the series.

Since Book 2 didn’t contribute that much to the series arc, I realized that it needed to be fixed. It’s going to be better than it was but it’s hard to lose 30,000 words.

Time to press forward with it.



3 thoughts on “Comic Con Revelations

  1. Press forward, writers, / With steadfast faith in Christ! Sorry, that’s what the last sentence of your post made me think of. XD Glad to hear SLCC was fun as well as profitable for you. I think I need to figure out what cons I can attend up here.

  2. I wish now that I’d gone to the writing fantasy and sic-fi panel. It would have been much more educational than the writing strong females panel was. You must share your notes with me!

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