Countdown to NaNo

Okay, so NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow so this isn’t much of a countdown but I hope those of you who are doing NaNo are ready. I’m super excited for it. It won’t be easy but I’ve done it before and I will do it again.

This month I’ve been making plans for working on Book 2 and I am stoked. There are new characters that I didn’t have in the original 30,000 words that I wrote. Woot! Looking forward to getting to know them and to bring in new fun story lines!

I hope you NaNo-ers are ready to write write write!



And Another Thing!

Considering the fact that I’m still working on Book 1 but planning on doing Book 2 for NaNo, this is great advice.

Throwing Up Words

Still thinking about the writing next month?

Quick questions–are you writing a book NOW, too?

How do you do both?

Set aside time every day for your main WIP. BUT give yourself 15 minutes daily to prepare for next month.

Here’s a little something to work on:

There are a couple of ways to drive a story forward. One is with an intriguing plot. Another is with emotion–a feeling that flows through a novel.

So, I have to back up here. Once my sister stayed a summer with our wonderful grandmother and read romance after romance. My sister wrote me a letter. It went something like this: This afternoon I wandered through the darkened halls of Nanny’s home. The wood reflected my auburn-colored hair, like a fire in a fireplace. When I stepped into freedom, I saw the chiseled jaw of the mailman as he placed letters–love letters–in the mailbox…

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Planning Mode

So NaNoWriMo is 16 days away and I’m in planning mode. The plan for me is to work on Book 2 since Book 1 is on the wind down (and I also am a little stuck with what’s supposed to happen now that most of the major events, other than the climax, have happened).

The goal for me is to get events planned out and find out what happens in between them so there is continuity in the story.

I’ve got a folder of idea stuffs to work with and plan to add to that in the next 2 weeks.

I’m looking forward to NaNo. That’s interesting since I was thinking that I’d skip out. Now I want to. This won’t be easy but I will do it.


Writing has been slow in the past few weeks. I’ll write a little bit each day but it hasn’t been much. I feel a little stuck, even though I know what happens next.

I don’t know if I’m just not wanting to write it because I don’t know exactly what will happen afterwards or what.

These icky middles are the worst. I need to finish this book but it’s like I’m stuck in mud.

I wish I knew what was missing so I can move forward again.

Even so, I will keep plugging along instead of waiting for inspiration to strike. I won’t succeed otherwise.


Always keep writing, even when or especially when you don’t feel inspired.



Making your readers case is so important!

Throwing Up Words

by Lisa Sledge

Please don’t hate me when I tell you.  I slept through two-thirds of the final action sequence in Avengers. In my defense, the action went on for a very long time. Don’t get me wrong, action/adventure films and books are high up on my list of favorites. So what happened? How could I sleep through the climax?

Two things.
I could predict the ending.
I didn’t care.

I read a lot of blogs on writing. One common thread of advice is that the best way to capture an audience’s attention is to ratchet up the tension from the very first page and never let it stop. That readers will only care to finish the book if they’re riveted  by an unending series of action.

What crappy load of garbage to feed aspiring writers (and yes, I definitely still fit in the “aspiring” category).

But seriously.

A reader…

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