Don’t Quit

There are moments in life where something knocks you off your feet and you just want to crawl in a hole and never come out. I had one of those last night.

I was so depressed that I didn’t even want to write anymore.

As I look at things in the light of day, they’re still not good and I still feel down but I’m not going to stop writing.

Writing stories has been a large part of my life since I was 9 years old.

Now at the age of 25, I look and see that this gift is special and I’m going to keep using it, no matter how hard things get in my personal life.

As I work on plotting and putting these stories together, I will put things together in my own life.

So if you’re down, keep moving forward.

Keep doing things that you love even when you feel like things are crashing down around you.

Keep moving forward and I’ll do the same!



Character Sketches

So I’ve spent some time in the last week or so on character sketches.

Not the ones that you might find on the internet but a character sketch template that my friends and I came up with. While it’s great to do the other character sketches from time to time, there are things in them that might not be relevant to your particular work in progress. This one can have things added to it or taken away but most of these things are what you should know about your characters.









Try/Fail Methods:

How do they change:

Personal Climax:



What they’re proud of:


Mannerisms/ways they talk:


Others perception of him/her:


Knowing these things can help you to make your characters more real. While working on these, I figured out that my book 2 main character has a habit of biting her lower lip when she’s uncomfortable or upset. I’ve written her doing it but when I decided to write these down it came to me that it was one of her mannerisms.

What are ways you’ve found to flesh out your characters?


Hi everyone!

I’m working on that goal of posting twice a week. 🙂

So in my writing world I’ve been having a wonderful couple days of discovery. As I’ve focused on looking at my personal plot holes, I’ve discovered some interesting things about my characters.

Such as my book 1 MC being afraid of a certain spell because when she was 8, her sister almost killed her with it by accident. Or in book 2, there’s a character who is dead before the book starts and now I know how they died.

I love discovering things about my characters as I ponder about them and my plots.

What things do you like to discover in your writing?


More Middle: The fine line between almost published and published (Story Structure in Harry Potter, Pt IV)

More advice from Write Like Rowling

Write Like Rowling

Photo by Bells Design @ Gratisography / CC0 1.0

In my previous post I mentioned that a book’s middle is one of the main deciding factors in its overall success (or failure). And how couldn’t it be? The middle comprises 50% of a book’s pages! But what exactly determines if a middle will fail or succeed?

Simply put, successful middles had authors who understood that the middle of a novel actually has two parts – and between those two parts there’s something vitally important called: the midpoint.

We’ve already covered the specifics of the first part of the middle (The Response) which comprises 25-30% of a novel: Here the protagonist is a wanderer, trying to find his place and making many mistakes along the way. Then halfway through the book at the midpoint there’s a “big fat unexpected twist,” as Larry Brooks says in Story Engineering. And this twist “empowers the hero…

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