A Great Program for Plotting

Happy Monday everyone 🙂

So some of you may be aware of this but I am not much of a plotter. I’m a pantser and it’s recently caused some issues for me.

I am by no means saying that being a pantser is bad. I’ve completed the first drafts of five or six books that way.

Now that I’m on the second draft of Book 1, which is called Topaas, I realized I needed to do some serious plotting because this new draft needed a major plot overhaul.


My problem?

No idea where to start or what way I should plot.

Then I came across a post on tumblr that showed some apps and programs for writers.

The one I want to talk about is Hiveword. It’s a free online program where you log in and you can store ideas for scenes, characters, settings, items of importance, plotlines, and chapters.

Now if that’s not what I needed I don’t know what is. If you need help with plotting check out http://hiveword.com. It could be a great resource for you.

Have fun writing!



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