The Importance of Setting

Setting is crucial to a story and if your story is in the wrong setting it won’t seem to work out as well.

In Topaas, the setting is similar to the countryside of Scotland:


Sapphyre takes place on estates like one would find in Regency England.


Emryld (book 3) takes place on a ship.


These settings all play an important role in their subsequent stories, so as I was thinking about my Mirrors trilogy yesterday I wondered what the setting would be. The ideas I had didn’t seem to fit.

Then a new idea came and I’m ready to roll with it. My stories take place in a world parallel to our own so the country that the setting of Mirrors will be based on is Russia with the stories taking place in the cities.


I’m excited to learn more about Russian culture and see how I can make that a part of the stories 🙂

What fun settings have you found for your stories?


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