Camp NaNoWriMo Victory!!!!!

So yesterday, just before four o’clock in the afternoon I crossed the figurative finish line, having reached my Camp goal. The best part of this is that I love what I wrote for Camp and I don’t look at it and cringe.

Having a focus on quality this round has made a huge difference to me. Though I didn’t set a goal of 50,000 words, I feel more accomplished than I did in both July and November because I love what I wrote and I’m not burned out.

I still have more to write and I’m excited about the things I’m writing.

To add to all this, a few minutes after crossing the finish line my phone chimed with my Commit app asking if I’d worked on my manuscript. I laughed and pressed yes.

I’m at 60 days in a row of working on my manuscript.


Looking forward, I’m not sure if I’ll ever go for the full 50,000 again (I might but who knows). I want to continue to focus on the quality of my work so NaNoWriMo is not an excuse for crappy writing.

I did it. I won. And I didn’t forget:


Have a good rest of your week everyone! See you Monday!


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