Get the Ideas Flowing

Hello everyone!

So yesterday I went to an office supplies store to get a couple things that I needed for my office. While there I saw a pretty journal and couldn’t help myself.

I bought it. 

Back when I was in high school and during my first couple years at the university I had nice journals that I would get to write out my novels. I would then transcribe what I’d written into my file on the computer, writing as I go.

Ever since starting my current day job where I’m on the computer constantly, I haven’t done this as much.

However, upon buying the journal I decided to get back to doing it. My ideas flow more freely when I put an actual pen to paper.

Yesterday I filled up 3 pages of the journal within a short period of time.

That’s huge since when it comes to typing, I’ve been slower recently.

What ways have you found that help you to write more?

Have a nice weekend!



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