I’m a day late.

Oops haha.

Memorial Day threw me off but I’m back.

I’ve just completed the chapter that is the main catalyst for my whole trilogy.

Originally this chapter started the book because I figured, the catalyst should be at the beginning. For this book, it just didn’t work.

Beginnings have always been a struggle for me because I have a tendency to start at the wrong place. Most of the time I start too late in the story.

My writing group often tells me, pull back Whitney. We need more before you bring us to this point. As of right now, my current beginning is the 4th or 5th one that I’ve written.

So often when we write our beginnings, we tend to work it over and over again because we want it to be perfect. It’s not going to be perfect on the first draft and often times, we only discover where the book needs to begin after we’ve written a bit more.

I’m excited with where Topaas has started and the direction it’s taking. I’m getting to know my characters better and I hope readers will get to know them too.

How do you like to write your beginnings?

See you Thursday!



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