July Camp NaNoWriMo Begins Wednesday

Hey Everyone!

Camp is here starting Wednesday! I’m shooting for 25,000 so upped from the last Camp where I did 20,000 but still manageable with how busy my day job is in the summer.

I’ll be working specifically on Topaas but if scenes from other projects come up, like last week for me with the beginning of Mirrors, I’ll write those down as well.

Just as I did in April, I’ll be focusing on the Quality of my writing. I want to leave Camp again with feeling good about what I’ve written instead of cringing, saying this doesn’t make sense.


I grew so much in April and I hope to grow again this July.

Camp should also help me to reach my goal of finishing this draft of Topaas by the end of the year.


Time to move forward with them!

See you Thursday!




So I woke up with some mulling ideas for my time travel story in my head.

I went over them in my head, then wrote them down like I usually do.

Then one of my characters, who now will have a POV, came into my mind and then I had lines to write. She already had her own voice which was a different kind than I’m used to. It’s more poetic.

Finding character voice isn’t always as easy as this instance illustrated. The best way I’ve found of finding character voice is writing scenes in that character’s POV. It may take time and their voice may sound like another character’s at first.

However, as you keep working on it you’ll find it.

Have a great weekend!


Getting to Know Your Characters

So ever since I went to WIFYR on Wednesday I’ve really been trying to get to know my characters. You can’t move forward in a story if you don’t know them. I’ve realized that one of my characters has bad timing when it comes to trying to make a situation romantic. He tries so hard but his timing is terrible.

That has helped me to figure out this chapter where he is the POV character. The chapter has had me stumped for at least a month and now I’m working on it 🙂

Getting to know your characters is crucial.

On another note that makes me laugh, I have had two of my cousins telling me that there are guys that they want to set me up on dates with and when I hear the guys’ names, they’re the names of the main male characters in Topaas and Sapphyre hahaha. Are people trying to set me up with my characters? 🙂 Those definitely made me laugh.

Have a great week!


WIFYR Report

Hey everyone!

Going to WIFYR yesterday was amazing! Honestly, if you’re a writer and have a chance to go to a writing conference, even if only for a day, do it.

In the workshop yesterday, Sarah M Eden went beyond just talking about how to best write a romance novel. All of the principles that she taught can be used no matter what kind of book you’re writing.

One of my favorite parts was getting to chat with Sarah for a little bit. She writes Regency romance, so I especially enjoy her books because of the research she has done on the Regency era. I’ve had a question that I’ve been unable to discover through doing my research. I couldn’t find out how my main guy in Sapphyre would be titled as the second son of a duke who is now the heir since his brother died. Sarah knew the answer!

I’m looking forward to having a bit of time to write this evening so I can apply the principles she taught!

Happy writing!


Writing and Illustrating For Young Readers

So on Wednesday I will be attending a workshop at the Writing and Illustrating For Young Readers Conference (WIFYR). I’m super excited because the workshop, entitled Writing Romance in the YA Novel, will be taught by an author that I really admire: Sarah M. Eden.

Sarah is a writer of Regency romance so I enjoy reading her Jane Austen-esque novels.

Needless to say, I can’t wait.

The director of WIFYR was one of my university professors: Carol Lynch Williams.

I want to share a little something about Carol because for me, she’s a lot more than a teacher.

When I was 9-years-old, Carol was one of my favorite authors. She co-wrote a series with another author and I absolutely loved them. My mom took me to our local bookstore to get a couple more books from the series and Carol was there along with her co-author.

Talk about making a child’s day.

I talked with both of them and they signed my books.

Soon after that, I started telling people that I would be a published author someday.

Carol inspired me.

In every autobiography assignment that I had to write for classes, I brought up that event because of the effect it had on me.

Fast forward to November of 2012.

I received an email from the professor of one of my classes for the upcoming semester: Writing for Children and Adolescents.

The email said that we wouldn’t be allowed to write fantasy or science fiction in the class so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay registered for the class, until I reached the end and saw the signature line: Carol Lynch Williams.

Needless to say, I did not transfer to another section of the class.

I couldn’t write what I usually do, but the things I learned help me in my current projects.

To add to that, I met my writing group in Carol’s class.

I honestly can’t thank Carol enough for inspiring me as a child and teaching me as an adult.

Who has inspired you in your writing?


My Writing Tools

So a couple weeks ago I mentioned the journal that I bought for writing. I’ve been writing in it like crazy. I’m several pages into it and I decided that I will only use it for writing scenes. I want to keep it looking clean for the most part and I don’t want to have to search through it for ideas.

Pictured are my notebook and my iPad mini with its attached keyboard. Both are small and easy for me to take places. On my iPad, I keep my notes on story ideas and such organized in my Evernote app. It’s been so helpful to me to have each thing in its own place so I can keep everything straight.

Another nice thing about Evernote, is that it syncs with Evernote on my computer so I can access it both places.

What are ways that you keep your writing organized?

I’ll talk to you all soon!


100 Days In a Row!!!! and Vacation Report

So I’ve posted screen shots like this from my Commit app multiple times but this one is the most exciting!

I have worked on my manuscript (personal WIP, no role playing) every day for 100 days! I hope to keep this going as long as possible. 😀

On another note, my vacation was an adventure! I went down to Lake Powell with my family.

The funny thing is that our first day on the houseboat both engines died before we found a place to dock so we drifted and dropped anchor next to a big rock.

Well during the night around 3 am, we noticed that we were drifting…into a canyon.

We nearly turned sideways.

My dad and brothers worked to keep us from hitting the canyon walls and we ended up tying our anchors down to rocks at the top of the canyon wall.

Talk about an adventure. 🙂

I thought about Emryld multiple times during the trip since it takes place on a ship. It makes me wonder, what sorts of adventures will my characters have in their story? 🙂

Have a good week everyone!

See you Thursday!