100 Days In a Row!!!! and Vacation Report

So I’ve posted screen shots like this from my Commit app multiple times but this one is the most exciting!

I have worked on my manuscript (personal WIP, no role playing) every day for 100 days! I hope to keep this going as long as possible. 😀

On another note, my vacation was an adventure! I went down to Lake Powell with my family.

The funny thing is that our first day on the houseboat both engines died before we found a place to dock so we drifted and dropped anchor next to a big rock.

Well during the night around 3 am, we noticed that we were drifting…into a canyon.

We nearly turned sideways.

My dad and brothers worked to keep us from hitting the canyon walls and we ended up tying our anchors down to rocks at the top of the canyon wall.

Talk about an adventure. 🙂

I thought about Emryld multiple times during the trip since it takes place on a ship. It makes me wonder, what sorts of adventures will my characters have in their story? 🙂

Have a good week everyone!

See you Thursday!



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