July Camp NaNoWriMo Begins Wednesday

Hey Everyone!

Camp is here starting Wednesday! I’m shooting for 25,000 so upped from the last Camp where I did 20,000 but still manageable with how busy my day job is in the summer.

I’ll be working specifically on Topaas but if scenes from other projects come up, like last week for me with the beginning of Mirrors, I’ll write those down as well.

Just as I did in April, I’ll be focusing on the Quality of my writing. I want to leave Camp again with feeling good about what I’ve written instead of cringing, saying this doesn’t make sense.


I grew so much in April and I hope to grow again this July.

Camp should also help me to reach my goal of finishing this draft of Topaas by the end of the year.


Time to move forward with them!

See you Thursday!



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