Camp NaNoWriMo – Week 1 Midweek

Yesterday when I was at work I wrote 506 words.

Not too bad.

My aim was to get 1,000 for the day so I had some work to do.

However, things were crazy when I got home and I ended up going to see Disney & Pixar’s Inside Out with a friend.

After getting home at 11:35, I went to my room and looked at the clock.

Could I get 500 words in 25 minutes?

I certainly could try.

However, the scene I’d been writing was like pulling teeth to get down.

So I decided to do a brainstorming session with myself and write down the ideas for the scene I’d just finished, the current scene, and the next scene 🙂

Now I have something to work with.

I passed 1,000 words with 7 minutes to spare!

Nailed it!

And the stuff I wrote is pretty good. The plan for


is still in affect.

I’ll keep moving forward and writing stuff that I can be proud of.

Have a great Independence Day weekend for those of you in the US!


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