Camp NaNoWriMo – Week 4 Midweek

I feel so scatterbrained.

I’ve reached a point in Topaas where I’m not exactly sure what will happen next.

I have a gap of time between where I’m at and the next event that I have planned.

So what did my brain do?

It switched stories on me.

No idea where the logic is in that.

So yesterday my word count involved starting a scene from Emryld that I had in my mind, working out the timeline for Topaas which got messed up when I made plot changes with this new draft, and miscellaneous notes.

I think I need to have a plotting session to plan what should happen in this gap other than my MC grieving and avoiding someone that she argued with.

Not much to go off of.

It’s true that I can time skip some but not the whole gap.

Time to put my thinking cap on so I can figure this out.

One week left of Camp!

Good luck!



One thought on “Camp NaNoWriMo – Week 4 Midweek

  1. It’s perfectly logical that your brain story-switched on you. Mine does the same thing. Whenever I meet any sort of difficulty in my current WIP, my brain always looks for something easier to do instead. But I always have to get it back on track and do the hard work eventually. You can do it!

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