Camp NaNoWriMo – Week 4 Report

So last time, I mentioned being stuck with not knowing what’s supposed to happen in between where I’m at in Topaas and the next major event that I have planned.

I needed help from an outside party.

Cue Andrea.

Andrea and I talk every day and I knew that she’d help me. That way I wasn’t just waiting around for inspiration.

Andrea asked me a great question: what is the end goal of the story?

I knew it so I told her.

She then said, okay, I see how you’re doing part 1 of this end goal but what needs to happen for part 2 to be accomplished.

I thought for a minute.

I honestly only knew one thing that needed to happen and that wasn’t even in this book.

Her reply: okay Whitney, you need to expand your story so you can bring in that part of the goal.

Honestly, I’m so grateful that I have a friend like her.

If I want to write anything of quality, I need to listen to those who ask the right questions.

One of my writing professor’s once told me that not every comment weighs as much as another.

I know the people who give the advice that’s good for me to listen to so I do.

Andrea is one of them.

Find someone that you can listen to and your work will get so much better.

It makes it easier to write something that has


Have a great week!



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