Reading for Reference

Hey Everyone,

I hope you’re all having a good Monday.

I wanted to talk about how reading books can be a good way to do research for your current work in progress.

As is stated by the subtitle of my blog, I write Regency Fantasy. For those who aren’t aware, that means it’s fantasy set in the time period of Jane Austen.

I’ve done a lot of research on the era but there have been a few things that I have been unable to find.

My Writing for Children and Adolescents professor taught us to read the kind of books that we write so I recently decided to reread the Regency books that I own.

Some are Regency Fantasy but most are just Regency but that is what I need at the moment since what I’m needing for reference is about balls and The Season.

I think I’ll find that in a Regency era book haha.

Reading books within your genre or similar genres can hep you to improve and to learn a lot.

Have fun!



Plot Lines Should Connect

Hey Everyone,

So I’ve had an issue with this one plot line in Sapphyre.

It was an exciting plot line in that it was action-filled but when I tried to write it:

I brought it up to Andrea last night and she asked what the overall goal of Sapphyre was in relation to the series arc.

After telling her, she suggested changing the plot line to make it go more towards a piece of the overall plot.

Good advice.

If you’re struggling with something in your novel, something needs to be fixed.

Once you fix it, things will flow more easily.

Have a great weekend!


A New Perspective

Hello Everyone,

There are times when a new perspective can help to improve your stories.

I recently moved into an apartment and have had the chance to bounce ideas off of my new roommate.

It’s been nice since she doesn’t know the ins and outs of my novels so her perspective is different from the members of my writing group.

Sometimes it’s important to find a new perspective.

My roommate has insights that I wouldn’t think of with my own proximity to the story.

Even though it may be difficult

You don’t have to tell the whole world but having at least one other person who can help you to look at your novel, short story, essay, poetry, etc will help you immensely. I know it has helped me.

Keep writing!



Hey Everyone!

The hook of Sapphyre will now start the book. I think that’s about right haha.

I’ve been re-doing it since I changed how the catalyst happened in Topaas and I’m quite pleased with it for the most part. It’s also helpful that I now haveĀ The Emotion Thesaurus since my main character in Sapphyre is an empath.

The Emotion Thesaurus

There are many ways to hook your reader, whether it’s through bringing in a scene that connects this current project to a previous one, adding in elements to enhance the sensory experience, or launching a character into action.

What ways have you found to help you in hooking your readers?

It’s Not Easy

Hey Everyone!

So I’ve mentioned that I’ve been playing around with Sapphyre while I “recuperate” from Camp. It’s been a lot of fun and I love the scenes I’ve written.

I put together my outline for the novel and something wasn’t sitting right with me.

My hook was in chapter 3.

So now I’m needing to figure out how to work the hook into the first chapter.

But I can do it.

Writing is hard but when you keep pushing through you can accomplish anything.

I will move forward and I know I’ll find a way to do this.


See you Thursday!


Writing While on Vacation

Hey Everyone,

I just got back from vacation in San Diego last night. It was such a fun trip and I got some writing done while there.

I’ve been writing random Sapphyre scenes that are fun to give myself a break from Topaas for a couple weeks. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve been able to explore my two main characters a little more.

It’s possible to get writing done wherever you are as long as you are prepared.

I took my writing journal with me to the Padres game and wrote between innings.

You can write wherever you are, as long as you have something to jot an idea down. It could even be your phone.

If you want something, put in the effort.

I want to write at least something in regards to my manuscript every day so I’ve committed to it and even if it’s 11:45 at night, I will write a couple line if I haven’t had the chance to write earlier.

Have a great week everyone and I’ll see you Thursday!