Secondary Characters

I had an interesting thought last night as I wondered about what the relationship was between the best friend of my MC and the MC’s siblings. Even though I might not have scenes between these characters in the actual novel, writing the scenes down so I’m aware of it can add depth to the story.

A blogger I follow, Rii the Wordsmith, did a post last week where she mentioned that even when your villain is off-screen, you as the writer should know what he/she is doing so the villain is more than just a cardboard cutout.

[NOTE: If you need help with writing villains, Rii’s blog is an awesome one to follow]

Knowing about your characters that aren’t the protagonist will help your novel to stick out because readers will care about more characters. They’ll feel more real.

Would readers care about the deaths in the Harry Potter series if those secondary characters didn’t feel real?


Even though the characters who died meant something to Harry, we as readers would not have cared if they didn’t have depth–If we didn’t know them.

Knowing about all of your characters brings power.

How do you get to know your secondary characters better?

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