“Find the Music that Only You Can Make”

So last weekend I attended Salt Lake Comic Con and went to a panel where authors Brandon Mull (author of Fablehaven and Beyonders) and Shannon Hale (author of Princess Academy, Austenland, and Princess in Black) gave writing advice.

Brandon Mull and Shannon Hale speaking at a panel at Salt Lake Comic Con

One of my favorite things said in the panel is the title of this post: “Find the music that only you can make.” Brandon Mull said this, meaning that we each have our own stories and our own voice. You’re the only one who can create that specific story.

Shannon Hale told us that your draft is like clay. It is not crap. Clay can be molded.

Don’t lose heart when you realize you have to toss out a chunk of your novel. You are getting the story to be the best it can be.

Brandon Mull said that finding your voice means finding the way you want to write.

You can do this.

Move forward with your story and you will create something great out of the clay you now have.

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