Inspiration to Create Well-Rounded Characters

As we prepare for NaNoWriMo, it’s important to know that you can find inspiration anywhere. I’ve recently been re-watching NBC’s Heroes, and I have realized that certain things about the show have influenced my writing.

I watched the show back when it first started, which was around the time when I first started writing novels that had plots that made sense.

In re-watching, I can see how different characters have influenced both me and my characters.

My roommate said there should be more characters like Hiro Nakamura. I agreed, then realized that I have two characters that share certain traits with him.

When you see well-rounded characters in fiction, movies, or TV shows, it’s normal to have different traits assimilate into your own characters. It doesn’t matter if they’re heroes like Hiro who have a strong view of what’s right and wrong, or if they’re villains like Sylar, who will do anything to achieve their means.

Sylar makes a fantastic villain and my villain shares a couple traits with him.

To have an effective story, you need to have well-rounded characters. When you find inspiration from places you can use different traits of other characters to round your own. Obviously it would be plagiarism to completely take someone else’s character and put them in your own novel, short story, etc (minus fan-fiction of course) but using traits that other characters have is an effective way to strengthen characters.

What are places where you have been inspired?

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