Villain Discovery

My main villain in Topaas has been on my mind a lot recently. While everywhere else in the novel I feel like I have a handle on things, I don’t have it with him.

He’s gone through several drafts of development but in this new draft, I haven’t been sure if his personality is similar to how it was before. Fortunately, I have a roommate that asks good questions and she gave me a few to think about.

Those thoughts led me to think about ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

Mary Margaret/Snow White shows how everyone has inner darkness that they need to face, even heroes. Everyone makes mistakes but it’s how one deals with it that determines who you are.

Season 4B of the TV series focuses on what makes heroes and villains. There is light and dark inside of everyone. What it comes down to is summed up in the final episode by Mary Margaret. “[Villains] make themselves happy at the expense of others, but it just makes them more unhappy.”

For me, I need to flesh my villain out so I know the point that changed him from someone who wanted to fit in, to a killer. Like that post I reblogged on Monday said, a traumatic backstory does not make anyone a hero or a villain. It’s how you choose to react.

I know several points along my villain’s path to becoming what he is. Now is the time for me to find out what shifted.

Looks like I have my work cut out for me.

I’m excited to finally figure this character out 🙂

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