Tribute to Jane Austen

Yesterday was Jane Austen’s birthday so I’d like to talk a little about the impact that she has had on me as a writer.


I’ve been reading Austen’s work since I was ten-years-old. I love her novels and the things that I’ve gained from them.


When I was 14, my love of the books grew to an admiration of Austen and her time period as well.

I was in a high school honors English class where we were studying British literature. At the beginning of the school year we each chose a British author that we wanted to do our research project on.

I chose Austen.


For the project, we had to research both the author’s life as well as the time period and show how they are representatives of that era.

The Regency era fascinated me so much that I continued to research it through the rest of my high school career and throughout my time in university.


The language of this era is so dominant in my head that when I work on something that is not Regency, I have to consciously not use the formality of speech.

Jane Austen wrote wonderful books that stand the test of time and I am glad that I have the chance to study them as I work on novels set in her time period.

Have a great weekend!


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