New Year – New Goals

Happy New Year Everyone!


I hope you are all excited for a new year and a new set of things you want to accomplish.

For me, I want to finish a manuscript draft. Since I have things planned out for both Topaas and Sapphyre, I feel like I’m in a better position to get a manuscript finished.

I also want to read 50 books. Last year I read 43, beating my goal of 40. Let’s see if I can beat this year’s goal.

I also want to keep better track of my productivity. I noticed at the end of the year that multiple authors that I follow on social media posted how many words they’d written in the year.

I decided that I’m going to keep track. I’ve created a Google spreadsheet with all the months and days having slots. I can now keep track of my words by day, month, quarter, and year.

What goals have you set for yourself and what do you plan to do to achieve those goals?

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