Characters Can Surprise You

Hey Everyone!

How are your goals going?

Mine are going well. Keeping track of my daily word count has been pretty motivating for me.

So as I’ve been writing in the past couple of days, my characters have done things to surprise me.

Your characters are like actors doing an unscripted scene. Sometimes they surprise you.

My MC is a relatively quiet person. She’s an introvert and has a difficult time with making conversation.

In the chapter that I just finished writing, she and my other POV character met for the first time. He asked her a question about one of her interests and she responded with a line that even surprised me.

Characters have their own personalities and that means that you have to be true to them, even if that means changing what you originally planned. Sometimes it just is part of the scene and sometimes it can change the whole story.

If you want to see a post about an author who needed to make a large plot change to the story due to a character change, check out this website for author Anita Stansfield.

Have a great weekend!


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