Defeat the Writer’s Block Fortress

Anyone who thinks writing is an easy job needs to spend a day in the life of a writer.

Yesterday after some advice from my friend Andrea, I looked at a character of mine that I know little about and realized that I need to flesh him out before I move forward.

She gave me some questions to think about and I set to work trying to figure this character out so I could do him justice.


I kept mulling over the questions in my mind for an hour and couldn’t even think of an idea for the answers to those questions.

Sometimes writing is like trying to break through a fortress like Masada in Israel.

Situated high in the hills of the Judean wilderness, Masada remained unconquered for three years after the fall of Jerusalem. The Romans had to build a ramp up to it to use battering rams

Sometimes when you’re writing, you feel like the Romans trying to break into Masada. It feels impossible to get through the current struggle.

You can push through it!

It will be difficult but the trick is to never give up.

Find your own battering ram and keep working until you push through the fortress of writer’s block or whatever your problem may be.

You can do it!

And so can I.


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