Introduction to My Characters

Second post for the day!

My friend Anna is an incredible artist and I’ve commissioned her to do pictures of some of my main characters. Since she has finished something for each of my books, it’s time for you all to see them.


From left to right: Rosalyn, Malloria, and Garrett Cameron. Malloria is Topaas’s main character


Marcus & Liana, Sapphyre’s two POV characters


Emmeline Rawlins, the main character of Emryld

Elemental – Ice & Elemental – Fire

Kayna & Elaira Matinsky, the two main characters of the Elemental novels that I’ll work on more once I finish the others

Anna and I have been friends for 13 years and I’ve always loved her art, so I’ve gotten excited when she opened up commissions and I was able to get these done a little at a time.

If you would like to check out more of Anna’s art, visit her blog at

You can also follow her on Tumblr at

I hope you all enjoyed a look at some of my characters!


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