Meeting Milestones

Hey Everyone!

Last night when I pressed the yes button on my Commit app, it showed that I have worked on a manuscript 340 days in a row. 😀

So in 25 days (counting today, that is) I will have worked on a manuscript every day for a year!

It’s always great when you reach different milestones to your goals.

For some it’s winning NaNoWriMo by writing 50,000 words in a month.


For others, it’s finishing a tough segment of their story.

Back in my first year at university, I had a page that threatened to be the death of me. It was page 197 of Emryld’s original story (yes it frustrated me so much that I still remember the exact page number even though that was 7 years ago).

I’d never written anything that long before and I wanted to get to 200 pages. That was my milestone to reach, but conquering page 197 was not easy.

I think it took me about a week, just to get through that one page because I was struggling so much with it. By pushing through, I passed 200 pages, ending with a manuscript that was over 77,000 words.

Milestones don’t have to be huge. Just like goals, they can be something simple but they will be most effective if they stretch you.

What milestones have you reached recently? I’d love to hear 🙂



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