Prologues – Yea or Nay?

Hey Everyone!

Sorry this post is late. I’ve been sick and have slept a lot today.

So I wanted to talk about prologues a little because I’ve wondered if prologues were necessary for both Topaas and Sapphyre.

The answer has been different for each of them.


Sapphyre’s prologue was easily turned into chapter 1 because the events of that one are a part of the main narrative, even though it happens a few years before the rest of the events occur.


Topaas, however, was a different story. There is an event that is crucial to the trilogy as a whole that happens more than 200 years prior to the story’s beginning. Telling it in flashbacks later or having characters allude to it wouldn’t work.

This is one of the few exceptions to the rules of avoiding prologues.

If you have a prologue in your novel, make sure it’s necessary.


2 thoughts on “Prologues – Yea or Nay?

  1. I’m highly fond of prologues, so wrestling with the fact that usually they’re not necessary has been difficult for me. But I think in Death’s Tear, it is useful, since the book is in first person but the prologue is from a different person’s view than the rest of the story, and it does add a bit of information that isn’t necessary to enjoy the story but is interesting to know beforehand.
    I may still wind up axing it anyway though 😐 I guess it depends on what any editor thinks.

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