Making Sense

So it’s the last day of March and I reached my goal of getting the subplot up to speed with the main plot.


After I reached the goal, I realized that some things that I have planned for upcoming scenes don’t make sense.

I started a text document in Scrivener to write my next chapter but instead wrote down two questions. Those questions wouldn’t leave me alone.

Why is a certain character able to help do something major to when they wouldn’t be around?


Why is a vehicle able to be used for transport when it’s nowhere near accessible when needed?


Those are important questions for me to think of because if I want my novel to make sense, I have to use things that fit for the story.

It won’t be as easy as it was with my other ideas but hey, it’ll make sense.

Have a happy writing day and enjoy the beginning of April!



Update on March Goal

Hey everyone,

Back at the beginning of the month, I mentioned that my goal for March was to catch my subplot up to the main plot. I’m nearly there 🙂 I just need to finish the chapter that I’m currently working on, and I’ll have reached the goal.


It always feels good to reach goals, to push through the difficulties of not knowing what you want to happen, and to realize you’ve done something worthwhile.

I hope you all do well in working on your own goals!

Going with the Flow

Hey Everyone!

So in the past couple days as I’ve been working on the main subplot and planning things that will come up. I had an epiphany that a specific character needs to get shot.


It’s a sorry-not-sorry sort of thing.

I know this character doesn’t die from getting shot but I’m still putting them through a ton of pain to accomplish an important goal of the story.

That’s what we do as authors.

We torture our brain children to accomplish story goals and create conflict.

Conflict drives a story.

There’s no story without it so sometimes, you just need to shoot a character and that’s okay 🙂

What is Home?

Last night, my mind was going like crazy as it usually does when I go to sleep and I started thinking about the question of home.

What is home? And what do my characters consider to be home?

I thought of this quote from ABC’s Once Upon a Time. It seems like a good way to measure what home is 🙂

My thoughts especially went to Liana, my MC for Sapphyre. She has an abusive upbringing and wouldn’t consider home being where her family is due to that. In truth, I don’t know what she would consider home to be, probably because she doesn’t consider any place home.

I know that she will find a place that she can call home at some point in the novel.

What is home for your characters?

Is it a place?

A person?

A state of being?

Feel free to share your thoughts.

I’d love to hear what you have to say.


Stuck in the Muddle

Pushing forward in a novel can be difficult for many reasons.


For me, even though I have things planned for working on getting my subplot up to speed, the only scenes that are coming to mind are things that are when my main plot and subplot converge which is a little ahead of where I’m at in the main plot.

I’ve tried to ignore it and keep pushing forward but it’s made it so I was writing less and less because I couldn’t think of what I wanted to say. My brain was too focused on this later scene.

Because it’s not leaving me alone, I decided to take the time to work on that scene.

The ideas are coming with more clarity and I’m enjoying writing it.

My plan is to finish this scene, then go back to working on the subplot.

Time to get my mind going 🙂