Different Types of Storytelling

There are many ways that people can tell stories.

As a little girl, I would make up stories and tell them to people. In Kindergarten, I got myself to sleep by telling an imaginary audience how my day went . . . but made it so it happened on a pirate ship. The boys who bullied me were the pirates haha.


Obviously, we can tell stories through writing and I think that’s my favorite way haha.

I’ve always loved to read and have learned a lot through many great books.


One medium of storytelling that I’ve come to enjoy in the past several months are web comics. Andrea recommended multiple web comics to me and I’ve come to enjoy them and the ways that they tell stories.

Their way of storytelling is such that it has to be made in such a way that the reader wants to come back for the next update, whether that’s a day or two, or if it’s a week.

Great storytelling comes in many forms and I hope people explore other ones beyond just what they write, because there is so much that we can learn from other forms.

If you would like to check out some of the web comics that I like, here’s a list:

Also, big news!

My friend Andrea’s web comic Fur & Fangs goes live on May 3rd! I’ve been one of her alpha readers as she’s prepared it and it’s an awesome story. If you want to check it out after May 3rd, the site is http://www.furandfangscomic.com/

Comment and let me know what types of storytelling have impacted you! See you all next week!


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