Camp NaNoWriMo

Hey folks,

This will be short because I’m in the process of moving to a new apartment but I will be doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month, shooting for 10k words. This won’t be easy for me since I’m getting married on July 29th but if I put my mind to work and discipline myself, I will finish before that day.

Wish me luck!



Life is a little overwhelming right now. I feel like I’m stuck in a vortex of not being able to complete all of the things that I need to do. I need to find a way to de-stress so I can get things done.


Onward to the Middles

A few days ago, I finished Act 1 of my current draft of Sapphyre. I’ve reached the point where this draft significantly veers from its original form and I’m super excited for what’s to come.


The big thing right now is to move forward so I can get to the parts that I’m really excited for.

There are times in writing when it’s hard to push through to get to the parts you want to write because you’re not exactly sure what should go in between where you’re at and where you want to be.

I’m at that point but hopefully as I keep moving forward, I’ll be able to figure things out.

A Great Month

Hey Everyone!

So May became my best month for the year as far as word count goes. Thanks to #makemyownmotivation, I ended up at just under 10,500.


Considering the busyness of my life with planning a wedding, working at my day job, and other obligations, I’m really proud of myself. I will hopefully do more than that in June but I suppose we’ll see.

It’s really amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.

Keep up the good work, everyone!

Have a great weekend!