Describe Yourself in 3 Fictional Characters

I’m sure many of you have seen these memes going around and I thought it would be fun to post one here for me 🙂

Belle from Beauty & the Beast
Kaylee from Firefly
Rapunzel from Tangled

If you decide to try it out, I’d love to know which characters you come up with 🙂


Help Writing

I’ve still been in a writing funk but I got some advice that can help any writers.

“Read books (or short stories, novellas, etc) within the genre that you write in.”

Since Regency Fantasy is a relatively small genre, I’ve read a lot of books set in the Regency. My next plan is to read within the Fantasy genre, starting with some Brandon Sanderson. Reading helps to open the mind to new ideas and it also has helped me to see things that I want to avoid.


If I want to be a good writer, I need to read what’s out there to improve my craft. It gets the brain working when it feels like it’s stopped.

If you’re stuck, try reading a good book. It will help.

The List of Awesome

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I missed posting last week. I had a total mind blank and couldn’t think of anything to say.

I’m working through a writing funk at the moment and it’s been more difficult than others have been prior to this time.

Usually when I’m stuck, if I just start writing about anything relating to my novel, it gets me into a groove and I keep going. That hasn’t been happening. Why?


My friend Andrea who I’ve mentioned before, gave me the advice to make a List of Awesome for my novel. Things to add to the list are events that I think would be cool if I can fit them into the book.

Though I haven’t fully figured things out, it’s nice to have this list to go to for ideas of what should come next.