Making it Work

I was looking at my outline the other day and I realized that three of the chapters I had coming next do nothing to move the plot along.


I cut them out and the midpoint of the book is now coming sooner. I’m writing it today.

Sometimes we have to cut things that may seem important if they don’t further the plot. It always makes the book better.


2 thoughts on “Making it Work

  1. I know the pain of cutting out non-essential parts all too well.
    My first novel clocked in at 150,000 words. After getting an agent they revealed to me that if a book is over 100,000 words from a first-time author, the chances of publication are dismal at best. SO, I went through and cut out 60,000 words. I found so many things that didn’t need to be in the book to move the story along. But even still, after gutting the book, it wasn’t up to par because of the sheer number of words that needed cut. Ten years later, I re-outlined the book to make the story work better, and it’s my next WIP after I finish editing the book I finished last month.

    Cutting things can suck, but I agree it always makes the book better. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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