Blog Update

Hey Everyone!

For those of you who look at the blog on the site, you’ll notice that it now has a new look and layout. I decided to add pages to the top so if you want to see a little bit about what my books are about, you can.

At the moment, there’s nothing in either of the Elemental sections other than the Fire & Ice picture that Anna did.

When I come up with a blurb for each of them, I’ll put them up.

If you have any questions, please let me know!


Introduction to My Characters

Second post for the day!

My friend Anna is an incredible artist and I’ve commissioned her to do pictures of some of my main characters. Since she has finished something for each of my books, it’s time for you all to see them.


From left to right: Rosalyn, Malloria, and Garrett Cameron. Malloria is Topaas’s main character


Marcus & Liana, Sapphyre’s two POV characters


Emmeline Rawlins, the main character of Emryld

Elemental – Ice & Elemental – Fire

Kayna & Elaira Matinsky, the two main characters of the Elemental novels that I’ll work on more once I finish the others

Anna and I have been friends for 13 years and I’ve always loved her art, so I’ve gotten excited when she opened up commissions and I was able to get these done a little at a time.

If you would like to check out more of Anna’s art, visit her blog at

You can also follow her on Tumblr at

I hope you all enjoyed a look at some of my characters!

Inspiration to Create Well-Rounded Characters

As we prepare for NaNoWriMo, it’s important to know that you can find inspiration anywhere. I’ve recently been re-watching NBC’s Heroes, and I have realized that certain things about the show have influenced my writing.

I watched the show back when it first started, which was around the time when I first started writing novels that had plots that made sense.

In re-watching, I can see how different characters have influenced both me and my characters.

My roommate said there should be more characters like Hiro Nakamura. I agreed, then realized that I have two characters that share certain traits with him.

When you see well-rounded characters in fiction, movies, or TV shows, it’s normal to have different traits assimilate into your own characters. It doesn’t matter if they’re heroes like Hiro who have a strong view of what’s right and wrong, or if they’re villains like Sylar, who will do anything to achieve their means.

Sylar makes a fantastic villain and my villain shares a couple traits with him.

To have an effective story, you need to have well-rounded characters. When you find inspiration from places you can use different traits of other characters to round your own. Obviously it would be plagiarism to completely take someone else’s character and put them in your own novel, short story, etc (minus fan-fiction of course) but using traits that other characters have is an effective way to strengthen characters.

What are places where you have been inspired?


So I woke up with some mulling ideas for my time travel story in my head.

I went over them in my head, then wrote them down like I usually do.

Then one of my characters, who now will have a POV, came into my mind and then I had lines to write. She already had her own voice which was a different kind than I’m used to. It’s more poetic.

Finding character voice isn’t always as easy as this instance illustrated. The best way I’ve found of finding character voice is writing scenes in that character’s POV. It may take time and their voice may sound like another character’s at first.

However, as you keep working on it you’ll find it.

Have a great weekend!


The Importance of Setting

Setting is crucial to a story and if your story is in the wrong setting it won’t seem to work out as well.

In Topaas, the setting is similar to the countryside of Scotland:


Sapphyre takes place on estates like one would find in Regency England.


Emryld (book 3) takes place on a ship.


These settings all play an important role in their subsequent stories, so as I was thinking about my Mirrors trilogy yesterday I wondered what the setting would be. The ideas I had didn’t seem to fit.

Then a new idea came and I’m ready to roll with it. My stories take place in a world parallel to our own so the country that the setting of Mirrors will be based on is Russia with the stories taking place in the cities.


I’m excited to learn more about Russian culture and see how I can make that a part of the stories 🙂

What fun settings have you found for your stories?


Characters Will Surprise You

So as I’ve mentioned in past posts, I’ve been taking part in multiple role plays. I gained a new perspective on one of my characters last night and I am stunned by it. This character is one that I have not worked with a lot considering the fact that she only appears in one book but role playing her has been an adventure. One side of her, the deadly side, is more dominant. She feels no remorse over killing someone. I can’t help but wonder where this character came from and how she ended up in my head.


This just goes to show that characters have their own personalities and as you get to know them, you will find things that you don’t expect.


Epic Dreams


Do you ever get those dreams that are so intense that you find yourself thinking about them later? I wrote about the dream that helped me to understand a character better, a few posts ago. It was super epic and I’m excited to have that story play out.

I had another epic dream for this same book, just the other night. It probably came because I’d just seen the new Captain America movie. In the dream, my character was on a chase through an FBI building. I just love dreams like this 🙂

Happy writing!