I’m Alive :)

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. As I mentioned in my last few posts, I was in a bad writing funk. It made it so I had no idea what to even blog about. But now I’m back and should be posting weekly again 🙂

In one of my last posts, I talked about reading some Brandon Sanderson novels to help me with the fantasy side of my writing.


I decided to read the Mistborn books which were so amazing and they helped me a lot. Different things characters said or did would help me realize things that I needed to develop in my own story world.

When I read those, I finally had an idea of where to start as I moved forward with writing. I did a modified version of NaNoWriMo, making it more like Camp, where I shot for 10,000 words. I got to nearly 12,000. Things are moving along well and I’m looking forward to how they work out 🙂


Camp NaNoWriMo Winner

As of Sunday the 24th of July, I successfully passed my goal for Camp!


I’m really happy about it because I showed myself that I could accomplish something that I didn’t think possible.

In addition to that, I still wrote quality stuff.

You can do hard things.

You can accomplish anything you set your mind to!

Camp NaNoWriMo Week 3

Just over a week left until the wedding and I have 1,500 words left to write! If everything goes according to plan, I should be done by Sunday.


The past couple of days have been hard because I’ve been sick and we’ve had a lot of wedding planning stuff going on but I’m pushing through.

I will reach my goal.

It’s amazing the things you can do when you put your mind to it!

Camp NaNoWriMo Week 2

As of last night (I haven’t gotten my words for today yet) I had over 6,000 words :). Less than 4,000 words to go to reach my goal!


Counting today, I have 14 days of writing before my wedding.

Can I reach this goal?


I didn’t know how I’d be able to accomplish my goal in a shortened period of time but I’m so close to getting there.

When you set your mind to something, you can accomplish great things.

In addition to this, I’ve figured out more of my magic system!

This has been a good month for me.

Camp NaNoWriMo

Hey folks,

This will be short because I’m in the process of moving to a new apartment but I will be doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month, shooting for 10k words. This won’t be easy for me since I’m getting married on July 29th but if I put my mind to work and discipline myself, I will finish before that day.

Wish me luck!