So I’ve mentioned the role play that I’ve been doing with my friend Darlene since April and the story ended today.

And . . . there’s five books worth of stuff. I’ve copied and pasted everything from our forum where we role played into Scrivener files.

It was really bittersweet to be done but at the same time we aren’t really done. We’re editing it to flow as a consistent narrative and we plan to print it for nostalgia purposes.

I’m so grateful for this role play because I’ve been able to figure out who my main character for Book 1 is beneath the surface in addition to several other characters. Current moments that I’m writing in Book 1 have come because of things I’ve learned while role playing.

I’ve also started a role play with my friend Andrea. Yay for RP! It’s the funnest!


Characters Will Surprise You

So as I’ve mentioned in past posts, I’ve been taking part in multiple role plays. I gained a new perspective on one of my characters last night and I am stunned by it. This character is one that I have not worked with a lot considering the fact that she only appears in one book but role playing her has been an adventure. One side of her, the deadly side, is more dominant. She feels no remorse over killing someone. I can’t help but wonder where this character came from and how she ended up in my head.


This just goes to show that characters have their own personalities and as you get to know them, you will find things that you don’t expect.