Funny Friends :)

I have some of the best writing buddies.

Honestly I think it’s important for a writer to have at least one good friend that they can talk about their work with.

Yesterday I was chatting with my friend Andrea and decided to share a funny idea that I had for a scene. She’s the type of friend that rolls with anything funny that I share with her.

She also knows my characters’ personalities so she knows possible funny ways that a specific character might respond to that situation.

One that she sent me made me laugh so hard that I couldn’t breathe.


Good friends can do that for you and help you find even more ways to explore a character.

Have fun 🙂



The Perfect Songs

So last night as I was working on Book 2 I had an experience that made me chuckle.

I’ve mentioned in the past about certain songs influencing me and that I have a playlist for my books.

Last night, I had the playlist on shuffle while I wrote and as I wrote about my main character at a ball, faking smiles, this song came on.

The beginning part made me laugh. That’s why this song ended up on my playlist. The circumstances in the song fit those in my book.

It’s fun when you can find songs that describe your characters or their situations.

What songs have you found that influence you?

Until next time!


Character Sketches

So I’ve spent some time in the last week or so on character sketches.

Not the ones that you might find on the internet but a character sketch template that my friends and I came up with. While it’s great to do the other character sketches from time to time, there are things in them that might not be relevant to your particular work in progress. This one can have things added to it or taken away but most of these things are what you should know about your characters.









Try/Fail Methods:

How do they change:

Personal Climax:



What they’re proud of:


Mannerisms/ways they talk:


Others perception of him/her:


Knowing these things can help you to make your characters more real. While working on these, I figured out that my book 2 main character has a habit of biting her lower lip when she’s uncomfortable or upset. I’ve written her doing it but when I decided to write these down it came to me that it was one of her mannerisms.

What are ways you’ve found to flesh out your characters?


Hi everyone!

I’m working on that goal of posting twice a week. 🙂

So in my writing world I’ve been having a wonderful couple days of discovery. As I’ve focused on looking at my personal plot holes, I’ve discovered some interesting things about my characters.

Such as my book 1 MC being afraid of a certain spell because when she was 8, her sister almost killed her with it by accident. Or in book 2, there’s a character who is dead before the book starts and now I know how they died.

I love discovering things about my characters as I ponder about them and my plots.

What things do you like to discover in your writing?


The Beginning: Get your book off to a rock solid start (Story Structure in Harry Potter, Pt II)

This was a great read and being an avid Harry Potter fan I can see how Rowling followed these rules. In reading about the setup, I now can really see what I need to do for Book 2.

Write Like Rowling

Photo by Martin Wessely @ Unsplash / CC0 1.0

In my previous post we discussed how Rowling’s unique plots were (ironically) successful because she followed some basic novel guidelines. I specifically focused on plot points and pinch points in that post as defined by Larry Brooks in his book Story Engineering. Now in this post I’m going to be referring to Brooks’ text again to look at a few more important elements of story structure.

I’m a visual learner myself so here’s a diagram of the parts I’ll be talking about:


Story Structure

Now for the specifics:


Harry Potter Story Structure

In Story Engineering Brooks writes that there are four major parts of a novel: The Setup, The Response, The Attack and The Resolution. Like a circle, successfully writing one of these parts determines the success of the next part – and the success of…

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NaNoWriMo – Day 5

Today was super slow and as of 7:30 I only had 800 some odd words. Thankfully, Andrea challenged me to a race to 1,000 words from the point we were at and I did it. It wasn’t as easy as on the previous two days since I hadn’t planned on the perspective that I’d been writing in but I did it. My word count for the day is 2,068.

Honestly, if you’re struggling to get your word count, find a friend and race. It will help so much, especially if you’re competitive like I am.

Oh and on an exciting for me note: on tumblr I follow the blog writing-questions-answered and due to a scene that will be coming up for book 2 that I’m unsure of how I should write it, I asked WQA a question to see if she had any advice for me. Her blog says that it takes 1-2 weeks for a response so that’s what I was planning on (the scene is a ways out so that’s fine for me). I posted this morning so figured I’d get a response in the middle of the month. However when I checked my tumblr a little before 5 o’clock this evening, I discovered that she’d already responded. The response was awesome and it will help my book so much. If you’re a writer with a tumblr, follow her blog. It’s great.

Happy NaNo – ing